Olivia Hargreaves Leeds

Live performance is what gives me the drive and desire to fulfil my want to perform. Completeness embraces me when performing is consumed. 

‘Bright sparks’ is where my love for performing was first highlighted. This then spurred me on to joining the acting agency ‘Scala’. I was a committed member of Scala and managed to land myself many jobs in TV work which I gained a lot of experience from. When playing ‘Angela’ in an episode of heartbeat this really opened my eyes to how fast the industry works, really pushing me to give my absolute best with anything I was asked to do. When working with Opera North in their productions it was then I realised stage work is what most entices my creativity. I professionally worked in their touring shows, experiencing this is something that will always stay with me; allowing me to become a lot more independent and get used to working away from home. The excitement I feel from the audience pushes me to put on the best show for them that I possibly can. I find it so interesting and quite simply just beautiful how each time you perform you are challenging the audience to have their own take and a deeper understanding of each character. Which really captures the audience’s imagination. I absolutely adore this.

Getting a deeper feel and understanding for the character in which I am playing looking at the characters super objectives, when working on Stanislavski’s techniques such as - ‘The magic if’ has helped me look into characters with a deeper knowledge and understanding for the context behind every characters emotion. Portraying the character with truth..

Olivia Hargreaves Performer

I have recently finished studying Musical Theatre at Leeds City College, learning a different range of techniques and skills that have allowed me to discover elements about myself. I am a hard working individual, having the capability of working well as an individual or in a team. Developing as a performer I have allowed myself to come out of my comfort zone with certain areas of acting, challenging myself so that I am a more versatile with what I can do. I am able to adapt my voice when singing meaning I have a wider scope to what I can sing. Being able to strip the twang in my voice back when singing in a musical theatre style, however then allowing it to show in other genres of music. It is very important as a performer that you are able to see your own potential, however I also believe that you have to be able to give constructive criticism about yourself to become better in what you are doing.

I have an interest of later studying Play Therapy which my skills from performing can be applied, as play therapy has a very creative flair to it. Working with children due to my own past experiences, helping with difficulties they are facing has always been a big interest of mine.

I am very versatile performer and find happiness performing on the stage, or in front a camera. The experiences and knowledge I have learnt have been very important on my development as a performer.